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NourishRDs is a nutrition communications company led by best friends Lisa Samuel & McKenzie Hall, Registered Dietitians and nutritionists on a mission to inspire others to eat real food, love their bodies and laugh a lot!  Our food philosophy is simple, "Eat real food, and share it with those you love."  

We believe eating well isn't about what you can't eat; it's about what you can eat.  Food nourishes our bodies, helps us feel our best, gives us energy to be active and vibrant, and brings people together.  Amazing.  

We will show you eating real, wholesome food is affordable, accessible, and achievable.  So, join us on our journey!  Laugh with us, cry with us, cook with us, learn from our mistakes and our successes, (dance) party with us, and eat good food.  

Lisa & McKenzie
Registered Dietitians are recognized experts in the field of nutrition.  We went to school a long time to get these degrees! To find out more about our snazzy qualifications, visit the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics.

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