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5 Effective Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure or hypertension is a common problem in households today and the problem is taking up the dimension of an epidemic, thanks to the high cholesterol-loaded food we are consuming and the sedentary lifestyle we are leading. However; nature has offered us numerous beneficial natural remedies and probiotics for the treatment of the problem and regular consumption of these remedies can also prevent the onset of high blood pressure.

These below mentioned remedies have been clinically proven to be effective. However; one should always seek the consent of a medical practitioner before using these remedies, as active chemical compounds found in these remedies can react with other medications and lead to complications.

Best Natural Remedies For High Blood Pressure

1. Garlic

Garlic is one of the most well known natural remedies for high blood pressure. While it’s effectiveness for treating the health condition has been sworn upon for ages, it has also received due recognition from the medical science. Studies conducted on people with high blood pressure for 12 weeks indicate that when patients were administered a regular dosage of 600 to 2400 mg of garlic powder, they demonstrated slight improvement in their condition.

Garlic’s effectiveness for treating high blood pressure can be justified by the fact that active chemical components found in garlic, including allicin, contain sulfur. Sulfur helps to reduce systolic blood pressure by reacting with the nitric oxide process in our body, which in turn relaxes and eases the arteries in our body.

2. Hibiscus

Though more popular for skin and hair care, hibiscus has also been found to be surprisingly effective for treating high blood pressure. While garlic is only known to help ease systolic blood pressure, hibiscus has been found to be effective for reducing both diastolic and systolic blood pressure.On being tested in a controlled environment, hibiscus tea administered to 4 randomized patients displayed results which were found to be pretty impressively effective when compared to angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors (ACE). Regular consumption of hibiscus tea in controlled quantities can prove to be extremely effective for treating high blood pressure. However; its usage should be initiated after consulting with a health care professional as over dosage can lead to diuresis.

3. Green Coffee

While you may not have heard about this specific type of coffee, green coffee simply indicates raw coffee which has not been roasted. While roasted coffee is considered a bane for high blood pressure patients, green coffee has been found to be effective in treating high blood pressure because of its Chlorogenic Acid and Ferulic acid.

4. Dark Chocolate

In a recent study conducted with high blood pressure patients, regular prescribed intake of 1.5 oz. of dark chocolate has shown to reduce blood pressure levels in as many as 18 percent of the patients. Dark chocolate is a miracle natural remedy for high blood pressure.It is has been found to be effective due to the relatively high amounts of flavanol present in it. Flavanol is known to lower blood pressure levels by making the blood vessels more elastic, thereby promoting unobstructed blood flow.

5. Soy

A recent study from the American Heart Association has noted the usefulness of soy protein for reducing hypertension. The study noted that replacing refined carbohydrate with soy protein can significantly improve the condition of a patient. Despite the proven effectiveness of the remedy, one must always consult with a medical practitioner before using it.