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5 Healthy Mushroom Dishes In Diet For Weight Loss

Are you on a diet for weight loss perdere peso velocemente? Strict diet for weight loss does not mean you have to sacrifice everything you love to eat. You can have everything you love to eat, but cook it in the right way and have it in moderation.

Mushrooms of all types can help in weight loss. Low calorie mushroom recipes are not just delicious but are going to bring a change in your taste. If you are completely bored having the same kind of food everyday, here are some interesting ways to prepare mushrooms and satisfy your taste buds while you stick to your weight loss routine.

Best Low Calorie Mushroom Dishes

Roasted Mushrooms

Mushrooms are healthy when they are prepared in low oil or prepared fat free. Roasted mushrooms are healthy, delicious and eay to prepare. If you wish, you can add flavor to roasted mushrooms with mashed potatoes. Add some tangy buttermilk to the preparation and serve it well garnished with fresh chives.

Mushroom Chicken Stew

Delicious and healthy, chicken stew recipe made tastier with nutritious mushrooms. You just need to slice the mushrooms into small chunks and use them in the stew. To make it healthier and in low calories, you can include chopped fresh greens. Some easy options to include in this stew are turnips, potatoes, kale and other veggies of your choice.

Low Fat Mushroom Soups

A good way to have your everyday soup. You can prepare this delicious low fat soup in the crock pot. Sliced mushrooms are cooked with veggies of your choice, celery, onion, minced garlic and chicken broth. You can have this soup as a part of your lunch or dinner. It is going to fill you up for long and offer you much needed nutrition for your body.

Spicy Mushroom

For all those days when you crave for something low fat, yet spice. Spicy mushroom is prepared with very little oil but spiced up with chilies, ginger, onion, tomatoes, cumin, pepper, coriander and other Indian spices of your choice. You can marinate the mushrooms and bake it in the oven for perfect taste and nutrition.

Low Fat Garlic Mushrooms

White whole mushrooms are prepared with ground sage, rosemary, pepper and sliced onions. The main flavor comes from its marination, prepared with minced garlic and yogurt. After marinating for an hour, other spices are added and fried in little olive oil.