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lisa and mckenzie

NourishRDs is a nutrition communications company led by best friends Lisa Samuel & McKenzie Hall, Registered Dietitians and nutritionists on a mission to inspire others to eat real food, love their bodies and laugh a lot!  Our food philosophy is simple:

“Eat real food, and share it with those you love.”  

We believe eating well isn’t about what you can’t eat; it’s about what you can eat. Food nourishes our bodies, helps us feel our best, gives us energy to be active and vibrant, and brings people together.  Amazing.  

We will show you eating real, wholesome food is affordable, accessible, and achievable.  So, join us on our journey!  Laugh with us, cry with us, cook with us, learn from our mistakes and our successes, (dance) party with us, and eat good food.  

Lisa & McKenzie

More about us

Lisa Samuel, RDN, MBA

Lisa Samuel is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist passionate about inspiring people to get in the kitchen and cook! Her food philosophy—eat real food and share it with those you love—stems from belief that health comes from nourishing yourself and the people you love with good, wholesome foods paired with laughter shared around the kitchen table.  

Lisa, with her best friend and business partner, McKenzie Hall, launched NourishRDs, a nutrition communications company, to make wholesome, sustainable living accessible, achievable and affordable for everyone.  Ardent in their anti-diet viewpoints, Lisa and McKenzie inspire others to eat real food, love their bodies, and laugh a lot.  

A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with over 15 years of experience in health communications and consulting and with a Masters in Business Administration, Lisa is uniquely qualified to write and speak about—and inspire—healthy lifestyles.  She has been called dynamic, smart and creative by her peers, someone who compassionately nurtures others to live their best lives.

Prior to becoming an RD, Lisa was a successful Lifestyle Consultant, where among her many accomplishments she taught cooking classes and designed and managed the opening of Vino 100 Wine Bar & Lounge.  Lisa appeared on television as a regular guest contributor to Your Morning Saturday on WTOL-TV in Toledo, OH, speaking on nutrition, cooking and entertaining.  Her cookbook, Lisa’s Kitchen, was published in 2008, filled with fresh and simple recipes to take the fear out of cooking for family and friends.  She has published numerous articles in local and national publications, including a recent article featured on Dr. Oz.com, The Sweet Taste of Local, describing the beauty of sustainable eating.

As a consultant in community heath, Lisa was instrumental in developing community resources and programs to support healthy youth and families. Lisa served on the management team that created Seeds of Compassion, a five-day event in Seattle which launched a grassroots movement to nurture a more compassionate world.  Lisa’s work in southwest Ohio made her a sought-after expert on the design of healthy communities, sharing her expertise at multiple conferences including the National Conference on Chronic Disease Prevention and Control, Community Campus Partnership for Health Conference, the Ohio Department of Health Public Health Summer Institute, the Ohio Prevention and Education Conference and others.  Lisa was the host of a local television talk show, Partnerships for Success, interviewing community leaders on community health resources.    

Lisa has also honed her nutrition and communications skills working with Good Morning America, St. Luke’s/Roosevelt Obesity Research Center, Columbia University School of Journalism, The Lewin Group and Fleishman-Hillard.  Lisa has been an adjunct professor at Wright State University and Bastyr University.  She has a degree in Biological Sciences from Columbia University and a Masters in Business Administration from Wright State University.  She completed her Dietetic Internship at Bastyr University.

Lisa currently resides in the lovely town of Bellingham, Washington with her husband, Elie and their two cats. When not cooking up something in the kitchen for a houseful of friends, Lisa can be found hiking the coastal trails or hopping a plane for another adventure in travel.  You can read about her travels on her personal blog, Simmstown.

An interview with Lisa

Why I chose to be an RD…
Food and cooking has always been my haven.  From the time I was little, I would relish at helping my Mom bake homemade crusty loaves of bread and apple pies with buttery golden crusts, or curling up beside my Dad to watch PBS episodes of The Great Chefs of New Orleans and then recreating those dishes.  If I close my eyes, I can still conjure up the smell of a freshly picked green bean, hot from the Kentucky sun, and the oily, lanolin smell of the sheep before they were sheered.  Conversation, laughter, debates, tears, discussions and revelations shared over home-cooked meals around the kitchen table have been some of the most satisfying, fortifying experiences of my life, both during my childhood and as an adult.  The kitchen is where I feel most at home, where I work through my problems, relieve life’s stresses, and feed the people I love.  Becoming an RD that reads about, writes about and speaks about these experiences means I can help other people create this connection to food too.    

Favorite food…
Italian food steals my heart.  I’m constantly on the search for the perfect slice of Neopolitan-style pizza, and pasta carbonara is my go-to comfort food.  But the Kentucky girl in me also craves saucy pulled pork sandwiches topped with tangy cole slaw, a plate of vinegar-laced greens or a sliced tomato with salt, hot off the vine.  All paired with a glass of red wine or Prosecco, of course.

Favorite place…
I’ve traveled through 49 of the 50 United States (only Wisconsin left to go!), lived in many of America’s great cities, including Boston, New York and Washington, DC, and in Europe.  Rome, with its food and wine culture, ancient history, exquisite art and architecture, and fashionable people, certainly tops my list.  Although any place warm and sunny will do.    

No one would guess this, but…
I was Miss Seacoast 1995.

If I wasn’t a RD, I would want to be…
The owner of a little café.  Or, a travel writer. 

Something I’m terrible at….
Saying no. Asking for help.  Hemming a pair of pants.  Playing the guitar…although I love it and want to be good!

Something I’m great at…
My friends would say cooking, but I actually think I’m more of a great hostess. I love having a house full of people eating good food, laughing and enjoying themselves.  And entertaining doesn’t stress me out.  Guests have way more fun if I’m having fun! 

People would describe my cooking as…
Easier than it looks.  I love taking simple ingredients and making something delicious and beautiful.  And if you set a pretty table and light some candles, it makes up for a lot of flaws. 

What I love about Nourish…
This is what I’ve always wanted to do with my life.  My life is immersed in food and nutrition and cooking and eating…reading about it, writing about it, speaking about it, inspiring others to care about it.  And I’m doing it all with my best friend.  I can’t imagine anything better.  

McKenzie Hall, RD

McKenzie Hall, Registered Dietitian and real food advocate, is focused on helping others develop a positive relationship with food and their bodies. Encouraging a healthy, balanced lifestyle is more than her philosophy, it embraces McKenzie’s professional and personal life.

After completing the requirements to become a Registered Dietitian, McKenzie, alongside her best friend and business partner Lisa Dixon, launched NourishRDs, a nutrition communications and counseling company. Their food philosophy formed by a lifetime celebrating treasured relationships in the kitchen and around the kitchen table aspires to make wholesome, sustainable living accessible, achievable and affordable for everyone. Challenging conventional, ill-considered diet plans, their focus is instead on inspiring people to eat real food, love their bodies and laugh a lot.  

McKenzie resides in the greater Los Angeles area where she operates a successful private practice focused on real foods nutrition. She provides nutrition counseling for individuals, families, and groups and provides her clients with the tools they need to feel their very best. As a recognized expert on body image and nutrition, McKenzie has been a featured lecturer at seminars and conferences and has been called a charismatic, compassionate, and persuasive speaker on the subjects. McKenzie currently hosts a series of workshops in Santa Clarita, California through FIT Life, an integrated wellness program designed to help people unleash their true potential by achieving their personal health or fitness goals. She can be seen every month on Santa Clarita’s local morning show, SCV Today, where she addresses the most current nutrition topics and trends. McKenzie, with her business partner, Lisa, provides consulting and spokesperson work for like-minded organizations and fellow Registered Dietitian Nutritionists that support real food and a (non)diet approach to health.

In addition, McKenzie is a contributing editor for the award winning publication, Environmental Nutrition. Her numerous other articles focused on real food as the foundation for lifetime health and wellness have appeared in publications such as Today’s DietitianThe Chicago Tribune  and in her monthly column for The Santa Clarita Valley’s Signal Health & Family Guide. A list of McKenzie’s most recent publications can be accessed here.

Prior to becoming an RD, McKenzie has coordinated community-wide health and wellness programs and body image campaigns in numerous Los Angeles and Central California communities. The COC Health & Wellness FairThe Campaign for Real Beauty, The Be Comfortable in Your Genes CampaignThe Love Your Body Days are just some of the healthcare strategies McKenzie has helped direct that continue to gain momentum.  

McKenzie graduated manga cum laude from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo with a degree in Food Science and Nutrition and completed her Dietetic Internship at Bastyr University. She is a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics and the Californian Dietetic Association. She is also a member of the Nutrition Entrepreneurs & Sports, Cardiovascular, and Wellness Nutrition (SCAN) dietetic practice groups.

In addition to following her own (non)diet advice, McKenzie loves being active outdoors while soaking up the Southern California sunshine, snowboarding in her native home in Alberta, Canada, and sampling the local food at her favorite farmer’s markets.

An interview with McKenzie

Why I chose to be a RD…
I love people and I love food. Combining my love for both always seemed like the perfect fit. My love affair and fascination with food started when I would visit my amazing, incredibly spunky grandmother in Delburne, Alberta (current population: 765). During the summer months, I would help Grandma pick peas and peel carrots from her garden. No afternoon was complete at Grandma’s house without enjoying her toasted homemade buns topped with her super-sweet raspberry jam.

Fast forward to the year I moved to California for my “one year” adventure. One year has turned into ten. Shortly after moving to California, I embarked on the journey to become a dietitian when I became involved in programs targeting the effects of poor body image, disordered eating, and the media’s unrealistic ideals of beauty. I’m on the personal mission to promote positive body image, healthy eating behaviors, and overall wellness to others in a fun, achievable, and completely non-intimidating way.

Favorite Food…
Lisa’s homemade pizza, anything Greek, and carrot cake — but it has to have cream cheese frosting on it or I’m just not interested. My favorite carrot cake recipe is here.  

Favorite Place…
Any place sunny and by the water. I not only have a love affair with food, I also have one with sunshine. I absolutely loved living in San Luis Obispo — you’ll understand why if you watch this. Some of my fondest memories have been at the Shuswaps in British Columbia and Lake Louise in Alberta. Of all the places I’ve traveled overseas, Austria completely stole my heart.

No one would guess this, but…
I was on the girl’s rugby team in high school for a year. After games and practices, I would change into my ballet clothes and head off to dance class.

If I wasn’t an RD, I would want to be…
A dancer on Broadway or an astronaut.

Something I’m terrible at…
Singing. I’m completely tone deaf. Secretly, I’ve always wanted to be the lead singer or  drummer for a rock band. Although I’m destined to be a terrible singer forever, I’m still planning on taking drum lessons someday.  

Something I’m great at…
I’ve been told I have a good laugh. And I can bust some killer moves on the dance floor. 

People would describe my cooking style as…
Simple, easy, & approachable.

What I love about Nourish…
My job is to eat good food, talk about good food, talk about the effects of good food, meet new people, and travel. And I get to do it all with my best friend.  What’s not to love?