senna leaves

5 Shocking Side Effects Of Senna Leaves

Senna also known as cassia is a flowering plant with medicinal properties and are majorly used in preparing laxative medications. Even though the consumption of senna is considered safe, like many more medicinal plants, this one also has its side effects.

Where the senna leaves are more in use for their medicinal properties, some of the senna side effects are discussed below.

Gastrointestinal Issues

One of the commonest of side effects on consumption of senna leaves is that related to gastrointestinal woes. This is due to the purgative effect of this wherein the people suffering from this discomfort may face concerns like bloating, diarrhea, stomach cramps as well as gas formation. However, in most of these cases the easiest way to minimize these side effects is by limiting its intake, but in adverse conditions seeking medical attention becomes an absolute necessity.

The Finger Clubbing Issue

Another grave concern that is rather a side effect of senna is caused when a finger clubbing is seen in cases where senna is misused in order to promote higher weight loss also known as a anorexic condition. This issue however does not look to grave but has its own set of concerns as in many cases the issue of finger clubbing is not really reversible which makes this side effect serious enough.

Can Cause A Cathartic Colon Condition

It has been found by researchers that chronic use of the stimulant laxative senna leaves results into altering the colon in an adverse manner. The regular use of senna has been seen to affect the neurons and the muscles in the colon as well which is actually a concern.

Electrolyte Imbalances

If a person has been using senna leaves over a long period of time, chances are high that he or she may face an issue of electrolyte imbalance including the condition of low potassium in the body. Due to the electrolyte abnormalities in the body, a person may face medical conditions like cardiac arrhythmia, muscle weakness, intestinal concerns as well as confusion too.

Hypersensitivity Concerns

Even though, this one is a relatively rare side effect of the senna leaves but if this kind of hypersensitivity do take place it may lead to graver medical conditions such as allergies, asthma and also rhino conjunctivitis as well!