What We Do

Food & nutrition spokespersons

The nutrition industry is a $117 billion industry, driven in great part by demand for unprocessed, sustainable and organic food products. Consumers are also asking for nutrition information as part of their buying experience. Is your business ready for this wellness explosion? We can help! We work with real-food related companies we trust and believe in to advocate for real food.

Need help with recipe or menu development, nutritional analysis, social media, research briefings or consumer information? We’re your gals! Need a face (or two!) for your product, someone who can talk to the media and your consumers about the nutritional benefits of your food? Even better! We can talk food and nutrition all day and night.


Need an expert on whole foods, nutrition science or body image? We make nutrition information accessible, non-intimidating and fun. We’re two women who love to eat and laugh, and we want others to eat and laugh with us. And why settle for just one educated guest when you can get two?

Registered Dietitians are the qualified food industry professionals and the recognized experts on nutrition. We went to school a long time for these degrees, and we love to talk about what we know! We’re self-proclaimed food and nutrition geeks who read all of the latest research and stay on top of food news. We’re also rather good writers and public speakers, if we do say so ourselves. So whether you need an expert opinion for an article, someone to write a guest blog, or a regular contributor for your on-air show or publication, give us a call.

Public speaking

We love carrying our real foods message to audiences of all sizes and backgrounds. No stuffy speeches here–we believe telling meaningful stories is the best way to engage people and share information. Because we truly believe in our message, our candid approach makes learning enjoyable and memorable.


We don’t discriminate. We specialize in interactive, creative talks for groups of all shapes and sizes, ranging from corporate wellness to stay-at-home-moms to groups of young athletes. Health is not that hard or intimidating — after a series of our workshops, your employees will be around the water cooler talking about omega-3s instead of American Idol. We can also help groups of stay-at-home moms send their kids to school with better packed lunches, and to eat better themselves. All of our workshops are customized based on your needs, so contact us for more details.

Personal counseling

We can work with you to help you feel your best and give you the energy to live a full, active life. See our nutrition counseling page for more details.